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Nike Metcon 4 – This shoe can do anything

If I could wear only one pair of shoes for one year, it would be Nike Metcon 4. How do I know? Because I already do.

Chasing performance

One shoe to rule them all

I bought my first pair of Nike Metcons 4 in February 2018. Since then I purchased another 3 pairs. I wear Metcons all the time, everywhere I go. I wear them as casual attire to work, I run in them outside on the pavement and inside on treadmill. I use them as the shoe of choice for handball and another field sports. I go hiking in them. And of course, I love lifting in them.

Nike Metcon 4 was designed as a crossfunctional training shoe that can do a little bit of everything. Its primary purpose is to provide stable performance in crossfit workouts, which consist of various movements like weightlifting, jumping, rope climbing and short sprints. But it has so much more to offer.

Here’s why I chose the shoe.

#1: 4mm offset – The perfect solution for Crosstraining

Nike Metcon 4 features a 4mm heel-toe drop (offset) which is the difference between heel height and forefoot height.

A drop of 4 mm means that the heel sits 4mm higher off the ground than the forefoot. Which is relatively low for a shoe.

Why does the offset matter?

In my personal experience, the lower the heel-toe drop is, the easier it is to land on my midfoot or forefoot while running. Which Is the correct, efficient, way to run.  Even though Metcons weren’t primarily designed for long runs, the way I train, I always incorporate a running portion (up to 3 km) in my workouts. Therefore, the comfort while running was one of my top priorities when choosing the shoes.

Another Non-Negotiable in my trainings is lifting. My staples are Powerlifting movements (Squats & Deadlifts), Weightlifting (the Clean & Jerk) and everything in between. And let me tell you, if you are jumping with a heavy barbell and jerking it overhead as fast as you can, you need stability. And stability is  Metcon’s A*** Game. Every time I go for a heavy lift, I feel connected to the ground and perfectly solid. The firm, non slippery sole is a nice bonus to the already perfect perception of rock solid balance.

If you are interested in more insight into my training philosophy and movement choice visit my training diaries.

#2: Trusted companion for prolonged standing

Metcon 4 is an unbeatable office attire. I have a typical 9 to 5 office job. I am lucky enough to have a stand-up desk and I take huge advantage of it, meaning I do stand, walk and move basically the whole time I am at the office.  If you are standing 8 hours a day, you need a comfortable flat shoe. The best man for the job? Nike Metcon 4. Based on my own experience I can confirm, that the Metcons are a pleasure to spend all my working days in.

Shoes with higher offset or running shoes can cause a slight lean forward, which is desirable for running, but not for standing. This puts too much pressure on your spine and can cause more harm than good.


#3: Field Sports Buddy

I consider myself a Field Sport Athlete. I play handball on an amateur level. We train 2 times a week and on the weekends we have a game. After a long consideration, I decided to switch from indoor shoes designed for field sports to Metcons.   

Fast pace, short sprints, rapid change of direction, jumping and explosive movement – this is what all field sports have in common. A shoe that can handle it all must offer perfect stability, support and traction. The way Nike Metcon 4 is built, it delivers a solid performance on each front. Thanks to its sticky rubber sole, I have no problem with rapid changes of pace or direction. The shoe is light (154g) and offers solid support while jumping and more importantly while landing. So far, I am very happy with the change.

As you can see, I love my Metcons – it’s hard not to. 

There are definitely shoes specialized and perfectly tailored to every single activity (weightlifting, running, sprinting, hiking, field sports etc.). But why bother, if you can have one shoe that can do it all?

What do you think? Tell me which trainers do you prefer and why, I am curious to find out!

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