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100 imperfect movements cannot match a single beautiful one.

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So now I am a handball player

This is my story about how I went from playing tennis for 15 years to a short lived squash career at university to playing handball which led me to finding my passion for chasing athleticism and fitness.
zoborsky beh

How I trained for my first winter hill race

The traditional New Year’s Winter Trial Run up the legendary Zobor Hill in Nitra is considered to be the toughest race in my hometown, Nitra, Slovakia. This was also my first competitive race I did in years. Find out how I got ready for the run and how I placed.

A collection of my Audiobooks

I present you my collection of my favorite Audible-Books. You can download anything you like - it's free. All you need is an Audible Account. I enjoy these mostly while doing cardio and now you can too!